Glass Rock

Our Sustainability Choice

“ GlassRock is a committed company producing sustainable products ”

Global Energy and Climate Challenges

From nature to nature, our products are environment- friendly.
In our production processes, we care to adopt the most efficient techniques and integrate natural resources in effort of reducing CO2 emissions and preserving energy.

Energy Efficiency in Construction

Residential buildings are a major energy consumer; buildings are responsible for at least 40% of energy consumption in most countries. Most of this energy waste is due to inadequate insulation.
By insulating buildings, energy is saved. 80 % of a building’s energy needed for heating or cooling can be reduced, expanding the asset’s life span.

Affordable Insulation

Even during the production process, we care for reducing carbon emissions. 70 - 80 % of Rock wool residues are recycled, thus we tremendously reduce waste.

Thermal and Acoustical Comfort

Moreover, since people spend most of their time in buildings, whether in offices, shopping malls or even homes, it is inevitable to secure one’s indoor comfort.